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Dubai: Nina Elmina Sanchez from the Philippines won the Dh1 million grand prize in Al Ansari Exchange Rewards — Winter 2020 during a draw streamed live on Tuesday. She became the seventh millionaire in the annual promotion.

Sanchez also became the third Filipino expat and only the second female who won the grand prize. Gulf News is trying to get in touch with Sanchez. Three more big winners were announced. Akhil Mohan Kumar from India won a brand new Lexus in the car draw while Indian compatriots Nirmal Kumar Bishan and Jitendra Pandey each won 1/4 kilo of gold in the ‘Refer-a-Friend’ draw.

Previous winners

In 2019, Abdullah Al Arafat Mohammed Mohsin from Sonagazi City in the Feni District of Chittagong, Bangladesh walked away with Dh1m while Al Dizon Banzil and Gina Realuyo Soriano registered back-to-back wins for Filipinos in 2017 and 2018 respectively.