Tina Al Qubaisi, with miniature pincher Bruiser, has more than 400 animals in her care. Image Credit: Alex Westcott/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Some puppies were used as bait for large attack dogs, other dogs were kicked out of their homes and left to roam the streets of Abu Dhabi, and a few were close to getting euthanised because their owners decided they did not want to take responsibility anymore.

Keeping in mind her slogan "cruelty to animals is a crime, don't be a criminal, help save animals" Tina Al Qubaisi, decided to turn her farm located in Exit 366, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, into an animal rescue centre, which currently houses more than 400 animals, most of whom were rescued by various residents and animal lovers.

Dogs however are the newest "residents" of the rescue centre, known as the Dhabian Rahma Animal Rescue Centre, which shelters 80 cats, ranging from Arabian Mao's, mixed breeds and Persian cats, and 30 rescued dogs.

Some dogs at the kennel up for adoption include a Miniature Pinscher, a Belgian Shepherd, Pure Breed Salukis, a Dalmatian, a Golden Retriever, a Labrador and mongrels.

Proper infrastructure

Even though Tina was waiting for proper infrastructure to accommodate abandoned dogs, her passion towards saving the growing number of dogs roaming the streets of Abu Dhabi outgrew her patience, and she decided to take in any stray animal.

Tina's full-time job as a Health and Safety Manger, has slowed her down from offering a hand to the rescued dogs, who are all vaccinated, neutered or spayed, before a family decides to adopt them.

"Animals are already going through a rough time, that's why we are encouraging the spaying programme, in order to avoid bringing in more animals to this world, who are already prone to being treated in a cruel way. Once we receive the rescued dog, we make sure they are rehabilitated first, since many of them have been through traumatic and abusive experiences, either by their previous owners, or while they lived off the streets," said Tina.

The animal lover and rescue centre owner receives very few donation to help support her cause.

"I spend on the animals from my own pocket. That's why the dogs are located in a rescue shelter that has no air-conditioning, and only fans. I know they deserve better, but I'm doing all I can, with the limited resources I have. It's way better than keeping them on the streets," she explained.

Tina however, plans to start school tours and charge Dh20 each student, after summer. "Students can go on pony rides and take a tour around the centre which will help educate them about the different animals we have, and about the importance of being kind to animals," said Tina.

If you find a stray animal in the streets, or wish to donate, volunteer or adopt a dog, you can contact the following numbers:


• German Veterinary Clinic

-  02-556-2024


• Lucky Veterinary Clinic

- 050-951-2136


• Strays of Abu Dhabi (SAD)

-  050 1307392