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Muhammad Khalid Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Two UAE expats have won the Dh1 million Emirates Loto draw.

The two winners, a Syrian and Pakistani expat, will take home Dh500,000 each from the win.

Syrian expat Rojeh Alfreh, 35, a resident in UAE since 13 years, could not believe the news of his win. “It feels great to have won - it’s a life changer,” he said. “I have never won a draw before in my life.”

Talking about his plans, Alfreh said a part of it will go towards helping his people and the rest in saving schemes. “Family always comes first and I will use the money to support them,” said Alfreh who has two sibling, a brother and sister residing in Dubai.

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Rojeh Alfreh Image Credit: Supplied

The second winner was Muhammad Khalid, a 36 year-old engineer from Pakistan who has lived in the UAE for eight years. Said Khalid: “I feel so grateful, especially as the current situation is stressful for most, with a general sense of worry for the future and family wellbeing. It is a relief to have gained financial help during such a critical global situation.”

With no jackpot winners, a whopping Dh50 million is again up for grabs for collectable buyers this coming weekend. The next live draw will take place on Saturday, May 16 at 10 pm.