Abu Dhabi: The first four babies born in the capital city on Eid Al Fitr were all boys. With these bundles of joy nestling in their arms, the four Emirati couples were delighted with the new additions to their families.

They were born in Al Corniche Hospital here.

The first Emirati baby boy Mohammad Ali Al Hamadi weighed 3.75kg was delivered at 2:11am. "I'm so happy I got Mohammad on this blessed month, day and hour," said his mother Eisha Jassem Mohammad, 29 who had well in advance brought a colourful new set of Eid clothes for her baby boy.

All went well

Eisha has three girls and now Mohammad, being her first boy. "The pregnancy went very well and I'm very delighted with Mohammad even though just before arriving to the hospital we had a slight car accident. I was in a hurry because of the delivery. But in the end all went well," said Emirati father Ali Al Hamadi.

The second baby, Salem Butti Al Mazroui was born at 3:39 am, weighing 3.12kg. Salem is the fourth boy amongst his brothers but the first to be born on the first day of Eid. "This baby is our Eid gift. His father is performing Umrah at the moment and thanking God for this blessed memory," said Salem's happy mother, Aisha Salem Al Mazroui.

At 5:23 am, Khalid Faisal Khouri was born. He weighed 3.27kg and is the first baby in the family.

"When I found out that I was delivering on Eid evening I was terrified that I wouldn't find enough staff or assistance since everyone takes a vacation during that time. But I was blessed with a lovely baby, the first boy in our family who was born during Fajr prayers and on a Friday," said Khalid's mother, Bedoor Abdullah Al Khouri.

Saeed Nasser Al Hanaei, the fourth baby boy was born at 6:32 am and weighed 3.97kg. He is the fourth baby boy of Nada Al Hanaei who told Gulf News that she feels this child of hers is blessed because of the hour, day and date he was born.