CFD offers students exceptional career opportunities in the ever-evolving and progressive world of fashion and design Image Credit: Supplied

With the government’s educational initiatives, specialised centres and an abundance of globally accepted programmes, Dubai, today, is being recognised as an education hub. Getting a degree in fashion in Dubai can put you on a path towards a high-flying career in one of the business world’s most exciting and dynamic sectors.

Living and studying in a society where the fashion industry is poised to rocket with thousands of employment options is an opportunity a fashion designer cannot afford to miss out on. Combine that with a prime education at a state-of-the-art college and there’s hardly any doubt as to why Dubai is the best place for fashion education.

The College of Fashion & Design (CFD) is the first comprehensive fashion design and fashion business management college in the region, accredited by the ministry of education, striving to enrich and empower the creative and entrepreneurial minds to fashion their future.

With world-class infrastructure and facilities, state-of-the-art technology, an experienced global faculty, multicultural student base, international curriculum and ambitious growth plans, CFD offers students exceptional career opportunities in the ever-evolving and progressive world of fashion and design. The curriculum boasts a rigorous academic framework designed around limitless creativity that lets students thrive.

The diverse choice of concentrations is tailored to develop technical and intellectual abilities while helping students master the fundamentals of design.

The faculty are actively associated with the fashion industry and imbibe industry insights and contexts offering experiential learning to the students. The mentoring programme is further accentuated with regular visits by industry veterans who share their creative insight, success formula and real-life experiences.

Take your passion for fashion to the next level, with CFD paving the path for you to get into the desired fashion or retail group, create your own label or stimulate your entrepreneurial streak with allied businesses.


Zinah Issa, a student at The College of Fashion and Design in Dubai, has been selected for the international mentoring programme Women@Dior. This global project is designed to enable cross-cultural, cross-generational and cross-functional interactions.

This mentoring programme, based on the union of Maison Dior’s internal expertise and an excellent educational process, is a unique initiative dedicated to young women. This is an invitation-only programme and participants are selected on three criteria: talent, ambition and generosity.

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