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Switzerland is a very special country; there are neither natural resources, nor is there any national language; Switzerland only exists because very different people, in their various languages, cultures and mentalities, wished to unite their destinies. 

This small nation become wealthy at the start of the twentieth century by developing unique abilities in the industry of precision mechanics, agriculture, banking, insurance and education.

International education differs from traditional educational systems in one simple principle: the community is made up of various cultures, religions and races living together, enriching each of its members.

Schools that are supposedly international can be found anywhere in the world, but we are convinced that those which have an international reputation, like the Swiss Learning schools could not exist anywhere else but in Switzerland.

Proud of its deliberate policy of armed neutrality, Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world. The Swiss Polytechnic schools and universities have a reputation far surpassing the natural influence of a small country of only seven million inhabitants. 

Switzerland’s riches rest on its abilities alone, the country has made education an absolute priority of its development 

Moreover, this little country is beautiful, rich in lakes, mountainous landscapes and exceptional towns. How proud we are that Swiss Learning represents a dozen of the best campuses here worthy mirrors of this beauty!

— The writer is Founder & Director, Swiss Learning. For more on Swiss Learning visit www.swisslearning.com

Websites at a glance


Institut Le Rosey: www.rosey.ch
Brillantmont International School: www.brillantmont.ch
Institut auf dem Rosenberg: www.instrosenberg.ch
Collège Champittet: www.champittet.ch
Lyceum Alpinum, Zuoz: www.lyceum-alpinum.ch 
Collège Beau Soleil: www.beausoleil.ch
Institut Montana Zugerberg: www.montana-zug.ch 
Aiglon College: www.aiglon.ch
TASIS (The American School in Switzerland): www.tasis.ch
Collège du Léman: www.cdl.ch
Leysin American School: www.leysin.ch


Glion Institute of Higher Education: www.glion.edu
Les Roches International School of Hotel Management: www.lesroches.edu