Prof. Basem Al Zahabi Image Credit: Supplied

How would you describe your teaching philosophy?

AGU believes in student-centred education where all students are viewed as being unique and must have a stimulating educational experience that focuses on their intellectual development. Therefore, each faculty member plays a critical role in students’ development. Student support requires a close faculty-student relation. Technology is an essential conduit to learning and supporting the educational process.

Now that education institutes in the UAE are shut until June. How do you plan to conduct admissions for 2020-2021?

Due to the current situation, we understand that we must be mindful of the fact that physical copies of official documents cannot be submitted. Hence, the university is currently accepting online admission through the website. Students are requested to share all the required documents electronically. Our admission and recruitment team will process the applications and will follow up with students to receive the official documents once the campus is open again to students.

What new courses are you planning to launch for the 2020-2021 academic session?

At AGU, we are always keen to offer contemporary programmes to equip students with the right skill set to excel in the job market. We are currently looking into launching possible new programmes in data science and sustainability and we hope that these programmes will be available to students soon. Moreover, this summer, we will also be offering high scholars the chance to enrol in college-level courses to prepare them for the university life.

What differentiates AGU from its competitors?

AGU is a student-centred educational institution. We believe in the importance of student support and the role of the institution in students’ transformation. AGU has established a student success centre that has tutoring and writing labs to help them develop the skills and enhance their learning experience. Moreover, AGU presents a 20-year legacy during which we have meticulously designed and developed our programmes to cover the latest industry trends and equip students with the knowledge, right skill-set and hands-on experience. And today, I am proud to see many AGU graduates working in high positions in both public and private sectors.

Finally, how are you coping with the sudden launch of e-learning due to COVID-19 restrictions?

Teaching during times of disruption requires creative and flexible thinking. Our faculty are very focused on supporting students and achieving course learning objectives. Our IT infrastructure is well-developed to ensure a smooth and ongoing learning experience.

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