Abu Dhabi More than 20 international experts from seven countries are due to discuss best global educational standards and key issues with over 700 educators during the first upcoming International School Leadership Conference.

Educators, professionals, parent representatives and stakeholders from kindergarten level to 12th grade will be attending the upcoming conference, Achieving Excellence in School Leadership Practices, organised by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) on April 20 at the Emirates Palace Hotel.

The conference will highlight five track sessions covering certification systems and standards; global leadership trends; engagement and partnership strategies; professional development; inclusion strategies and special needs student development initiatives.


"Enhanced education is a key goal to the Abu Dhabi government strategy, a three-year programme which will direct our country to its next level of excellence by 2020. ADEC recognises that inspired, motivated and forward-thinking leadership is vital to the success of every school. ADEC thus decided to embark on an ambitious programme that would bring international experts to our own shores to share their best practices, experiences and thoughts on leadership and educational excellence," said Mubarak Al Shamesi, Director-General, ADEC, at a press conference yesterday.

Some of the keynote speakers at the upcoming gathering due to deliver a presentation include Professor John Edward Sexton, President of New York University (NYU), the Benjamin Butler Professor of Law and the Dean of Emeritus of the NYU Law School and Dr Ken Boston, Chief Executive of the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

"We acknowledge the importance of strong school leadership in realising our vision for our schools. Through this conference, we aim to provide our educational leaders with fresh and valuable insights on how they can better direct their respective institutions to excellence and sustainability. The development and welfare of students, who will become our nation's future pillars, are our primary and utmost concern," said Al Shamesi.