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Vania Raghuvanshi

Grade 9, GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai

Mistakes can be defined as acts which are misguided or wrong. However, they do not define who we are. I have done quite a few things I would never do again and they have taught me so much about life, other people and myself. So here goes:

1) Putting myself down: Maybe it was the cold winter evening which made me think I was not good enough. Putting myself down is the biggest mistake I have done so far. I used to think I was a waste of space and a burden to other people. I used to think the game was over before I even started playing it. However this taught some people are meant to left in the past along with my mistakes.

2) Being impatient: I would never want to be impatient again. I was always a very impatient person but then I realised, good things take time. I was hoping for results too soon. This mistake taught me to work towards my goals and to not give up easily.

3) Thinking negative: I used to make assumptions about things without even trying them and understanding the situation. I have learned to keep my mind open towards new ideas without making assumptions and thinking negatively about them. I have kept this in mind and seen immense progress.

4) Letting what other people talk about me effect me: This has done a lot of damage to my feelings. I took all the school rumours and gossip too seriously and regretted it so much at the end of the day. Now that I look back, this was the stupidest mistake I ever made. Not worse but definitely stupid. Now I feel mature in way I that cannot be captured in words alone.

5) Not believing in myself: I didn’t trust myself enough. To be honest, even till this day, this problem still occurs. I have to tell myself I can do it, but for some reason, the words don’t come naturally. I have to force them out. However, it’s not as bad as it used to be. I guess I am still working on that.

Life is a journey and this journey has a lot of components - the small stop signs that make us check for our safety, the zebra crossings that tell us to put other people first and the bumpy paths that makes us feel so grateful when we finally get on to the smooth roads.

Life is what you make it.

If I were to create an emoji, it would be...
Of two hands, one with a dark skin tone and the other lighter in tone, coming together to form the shape of a globe. All peoples are equal.