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Dubai students after school Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Parents who withdraw their children from school in term three will see them repeat the same grade next academic year, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has said.

This applies to students in Grade One/Year Two and above, KHDA recently updated on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page of its website (, citing a decree by Ministry of Education.

Meanwhile KG2 students who withdraw in term three can re-enroll as Grade One students for the new academic year, subject to the same conditions and procedures as for new students.

What’s the background?

Parents financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic have recently been seeking a discount on school fees or an easy payment plan, options that several schools have offered.

However, some parents are considering withdrawing their children in term three, the last term of the school year currently in session through distance learning as a precaution against COVID-19.

Their consideration to withdraw apparently aims to secure a refund on paid fees or avoid paying fees for term three, or discontinuing distance learning for their children in kindergarten. It could also be to home-school children through a private teacher, which has also been clarified in the updates.

“According to directives from the UAE Ministry of Education, private tutoring is only allowed if done online. Private tutors must not meet in person with students at school, at their homes, or at any other location,” the KHDA says.

Regular updates

The KHDA on its FAQs page, updated regularly to clarify matters, has recently outlined the rules regarding refunds and withdrawals.

“Parents are entitled to transfer their children to another school within the first three weeks of term three. The established process on student transfers is to be followed in this instance,” the KHDA says.


“If you inform your current school before the start of term three on Sunday April 5, you are entitled to a full fee refund. If you tell them after the start of term, the refund you receive will be determined by the Registrations and Refund policy.”


Regarding withdrawals in term three, the KHDA says: “According to UAE Ministry of Education ministerial decree no. (299) article 4, a student in Grade 1/Year 2 and above who withdraws before the end of the academic year must repeat the same grade the following year.”

Normally, a student leaving needs a Transfer Certificate (TC) from the school to show to his or her new school. To issue a TC, schools typically ask for the settlement of all dues and advance notice.