Abu Dhabi: Twenty upper year and alumni Emirati female students will travel to the Disney Institute in Orlando as part of a 10-week training programme.

The students will be travelling to Orlando, Florida, from January 14 to 25. They will take a three-and-a-half-day course organised by the College of Business Sciences at Zayed University as part of a course called 'Tourism and Travel Business Management'.

The course will be made up of two parts - a trip to Orlando by the Disney Institute and an in-class follow-up instruction course to build upon the travel experience with specific emphasis on application of the concepts learned, in the UAE.

"The course will harness the vast experience of Disney and combine it with specific application of these principals to the tourism industry in the UAE.

"It will also provide an ancillary benefit to Zayed University students who enrol in the course.

"Educational travel is dynamic learning. It places the travel and tourism industry in a global context," said Professor Jon Mayo, College of Business Sciences and Supervisor of the project and trip, Zayed University.