I am a grade 12 student studying commerce. I recently took an aptitude test and scored highest in creativity. What are my career options? I would like to pursue a career in interior design. Should I choose a degree or a diploma programme in this field? Please advise.
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Congratulations on your scores. With creativity being your strength the list of careers you can choose from is endless. From fashion design, event management, gaming design, graphic design, journalism, mass communication, animation, film direction, law and interior design there are plenty of options for you to pursue.

Over the past two decades, schools offering programmes that teach interior design have mushroomed in almost all major cities around the world.

Today there are at least a thousand schools that offer this programme worldwide, so choosing the best one can be a difficult task that requires lots of research.

Some of the better known schools are Lornezo de Medici in Florence, Design Academy, Interior Design Academy in London, IAAD in Torino, Visual Arts College in Vancouver, Fashion Institute of Technology New York, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Old Westbury, and University of California, Berkley.

In the UK, University of Northumbria's three-year programme is versatile as it allows students to develop in many different areas of interior design.

A few other notable schools I would suggest are the University of Dundee, Birmingham Institute of Design and Leeds University.

To maximise your creative skills and your background in commerce, it might be worth considering a double degree in arts and commerce, as this is a highly sought after combination by many employers.

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