Students at CFD
CFD students; Mazyar (far left) and Mehrsa (far right) Image Credit: Supplied

It wasn’t too long ago that young students who wanted to pursue a career in fashion looked outside of the Middle East region to hone their skills and learn about the career opportunities in the fashion industry. 

Entering the fashion industry doesn’t always mean that you will be next break-out designer and become the next Vera Wang or Elie Saab. Besides being a fashion designer, the business of fashion has numerous opportunities and jobs suited to those who see themselves thriving in this environment and making invaluable contribution. From fashion retail to business development to fashion buying and much more, there are so many career opportunities available today for those who want to make a mark in this industry.

There’s no doubt that a degree will give you historical and contextual knowledge that the long and arduous routes into the industry might not provide. Studying at a fashion college is always a good way to go if one is serious about a career in the industry.

To obtain accredited degree in fashion or to even brush up on your skills you had to travel outside the Middle East. Seeing this gap in the market, The College of Fashion Design Dubai was launched in 2016, the region’s first dedicated fashion and design college. Courses that are designed to fast-track students into work while providing networking opportunities with the right mentor programs are some of key factors when students choose to enroll into CFD.

With a campus right in the heart of Dubai in Business Bay, The College of Fashion Design Dubai offers state-of-the-arts facilities and a highly qualified international faculty. Since education is all about combining theory with practical knowledge, CFD have a firm focus on guest speakers and masterclass programme and conducted by experts from the region. Therefore it was no surprise when one of the students, Zinah Essa, from CFD was accepted at Women@Dior mentorship program recently.

Students who want to pursue a fashion career can enjoy a comprehensive curriculum to hone their creative fashion and design skills with a two year diploma or acquire essential business and communication skills by enrolling into the bachelor degree in fashion design or fashion business management.

So whether you have been ardently following fashion blogs, designers and influencers, turning your dream into reality for students these days is not an impossible task. What parents don’t realize is that outside of the design roles, there are a large number of jobs these days that are available for future talents and encouraging a young student to acquire the skill-sets through a credible college ensures a successful career path.

One such student who is turning her dream into reality is Mehrsa Mehr from CFD; “As a fashion lover, I always had ideas about designs but didn’t know how to turn them into reality. The hands on training from the early stages in my studies allowed me to bring my ideas to reality. So much so, that after finishing my sophomore year I was confident enough in my abilities to start my own business and have my own brand. Zava Design is my happy place where I design and create collections based on my taste and I owe this to CFD that encouraged me to choose my own path.” Young and talented, Mehrsa has been showcasing her craft at various fashion shows in Dubai and has combined her creative skills with business to successfully launch her label as well.

CFD curriculum is designed to prepare students for their chosen career path in fashion. It’s important for young students to first know why they are studying fashion design, because so many potential students have a misunderstanding of the industry, and how to best use their talents. Students like Mazyar, a budding young design student, has this to say; “Art, fashion and design is without a doubt what gets me through the day and keeps me motivated every day with a smile on my face.”

What makes fashion students different from other industries is that they come in with a belief that what they do is not work in the traditional sense of the word. Just like other art disciplines, creative fashion comes from an innate interest in the field but an education provides the means to build yourself up to stand in this business.

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