Camping teaser
Dubai Municipality has announced the launch of the temporary winter camping season that starts from Tuesday, October 17. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has announced the launch of the temporary winter camping season that starts from Tuesday, October 17, 2023, until the end of April 2024 at Al-Awir area in Dubai. The Municipality has set up family-friendly and practical camping areas for the visitors to enjoy a beautiful desert camping experience and winter. This is part of the Municipality’s initiative to provide high-quality services to ensure people’s happiness and wellbeing, further supporting Dubai’s goal of being the best city in the world to live and work in.

Dubai Municipality has ensured availability of necessary equipment, services, and amenities at all camping areas to enhance campers’ experience, promote a safe and comfortable camping, and ensure well-organised activities during the winter.

It has prioritised safety and comfort for people of determination and senior citizens by enabling them to reserve places at the front of the designated camping location for ease of access. Several sites have also been set aside for store owners to offer goods and services to campers.

This will enhance the happiness of beneficiaries and visitors, ensuring a safe and comfortable camping experience, as well as organising the popular camping activities during the winter season and preventing the random camping.

The Municipality stated that after winter camp permits are issued, applicants can construct their own camping space with a temporary fence and can arrange it according to their wants and requirements, as long it is for family usage. Additionally, it has set aside a location for government partners who wish to take part in the camping season and design their own camps. Customers can also start registering their winter camping requests on the municipality website.

Camping conditions

Dubai Municipality has outlined a series of rules to manage camping and ensure secure and safe recreational activities. These requirements include adhering to the camp’s temporary private use by the permit holder, and not using or leasing it to third parties or for other commercial purposes, as well as abiding by laws, customs, rituals and traditions. Additionally, a temporary fence must be built, the camp’s digital dashboard must be placed in a public area, the camp and all associated items must be removed after the permit expires, and any digging or excavations must be stopped.

The conditions also state the importance of ensuring public health and safety and maintaining hygiene and good appearance of the campsite It also states the significance of following civil defense requirements for fire prevention and safety, including providing a fire extinguisher inside the camp, prohibiting the use of fireworks, driving sand bikes inside the camp area at speeds greater than 20 km/h, and refraining from using floodlights and speakers.