190917 dubai police
The boy at Naif Police Station. Dubai Police provided shelter, education and medical treatment to the child. Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: Dubai Police looked after a four-year-old Asian boy who didn’t have shelter or anyone to care for him after his parents went to jail, an official said on Tuesday.

Brigadier Tarek Mohammad, director of Naif Police Station, said the police provided shelter, education and medical treatment for the Asian boy until his parents were released.

“His mother was serving her jail term in a financial case and his father was under custody, also in connection with a financial case. The boy had no relatives to look after him, so Dubai Police decided to step in,” Brig Mohammad said.

The boy, who didn’t have any identification as his father was financially hit, needed urgent medical treatment for a skin disease and was also suffering from speech impairment.

Naif Police Station coordinated with the embassy of the boy’s home country to get his identification papers and passport issued, following which he was taken to Latifa Hospital where he underwent treatment for two weeks.

“He was transferred to Dubai Foundation for Women and Children which looked after his education and developed his speech. The boy also got to visit his mother while she was under custody. When she left the jail, the boy was reunited with her,” Brig Mohammad added.

The mother promised to look after her child and return to her home country.

Meanwhile, the father was released later and managed to get a new job.

“The boy’s parents came to Dubai Police and thanked officers for their kind gesture,” Brig Mohammad added.