20200918 Dubai Courts
A court in Dubai orders an insurance company to pay Dh65,000 in compensation to an accident victim. Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Dubai: A court in Dubai has ordered an insurance company to pay Dh65,000 in compensation to a male nurse who suffered a serious injury after being run over by a motorist.

The victim initially lodged a Dh400,000 compensation claim after he had suffered a 15 per cent permanent disability in his left arm due to the incident.


According to records, the male nurse was with a few other people at the hospital’s parking area when a motorist, driving against the direction of the traffic, ran him over. The victim said the car knocked him down on the pavement and he suffered severe damage to his left arm that required a surgery. Medical report confirmed that he had sustained a 15 per cent disability and needed a second surgery in his arm.

Insurance compensation

The insurance company with which the guilty driver was enrolled, appealed to the Insurance Dispute Resolution Committee in Dubai, offering to pay Dh15,000 in compensation. However, committee ordered the company to pay Dh50,000.

Following the committee’s order, the victim filed an appeal with Dubai Courts, saying that he was suspended from work for more than six months due to his injury. He said that he had lost more than Dh50,000 in salary and also had to bear the cost of his treatment, which came to Dh49,000. He further said that the money he had spent for his treatment was more than the Dh50,000 compensation ordered by the Insurance Dispute Resolution Committee.

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The court then ordered to increase the compensation amount by an extra Dh15,000, thereby bringing the total compensation to Dh65,000.