An artist’s impression of one of the 30 mosques to be built in the UAE by Dar Al Ber Society. Image Credit: Courtesy: Dar Al Ber Society

Dubai: The Charitable Projects Department at the Dar Al Ber Society has announced that it has received a total of Dh30,501,880 in donations in the first quarter of 2020.

Yousef Al Yateem, Director of the Projects Department at Dar Al Ber, explained that, during the first three months of this year, charity and benevolence projects varied from charitable to developmental, humanitarian and service projects, and included building mosques and their services with a value of Dh18,856,088, water projects with a value of Dh8,230,885, development and service projects with a value of Dh2,320,136 and medical projects with a value of Dh524,771.

Al Yateem stressed that the Society imposes tight control over donations, and works on periodic follow-up with partners abroad, with the aim of achieving its charitable and development goals, and directing the humanitarian projects in the best way, according to the requirements concluded with its clients.