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Dubai: The Dubai Court of Appeal on Tuesday upheld a seven-year jail sentence for a visitor accused of stabbing his roommate to death.

The 37-year-old Pakistani defendant was staying with the victim and others in a room in workers’ accommodation in Jebel Ali. On October 1 of last year he turned on the lights in the room at night and began speaking loudly on his phone, even as his roommates were trying to sleep.

When the Indian victim and other roommates asked the defendant to switch off the lights so they could sleep, it led to an intense argument following which the victim attacked the defendant, who stabbed the victim with a 20-cm knife.

An Indian supervisor testified that the defendant, who was under the influence of alcohol, was staying in the room for two days before the incident.

“His roommates asked him to turn off the lights but he didn’t answer them as he was busy with a phone call,” said the supervisor. “He then caused chaos when the victim asked him to leave the accommodation, as he was still a visitor. He left the room but the victim chased him and both fought outside.”

The defendant flashed a knife in front of the workers before stabbing the victim in the chest and fleeing the scene. A security guard tried to stop him, but the defendant threatened him with the knife and escaped.

A police patrol went to the workers’ accommodation and arrested the defendant who was still nearby.

The victim was taken to hospital, but died a few hours later.

The defendant confessed to the assault, but said he didn’t intend to kill his victim. He was charged with assault which led to death and for consuming alcohol.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to seven years in jail to be followed by deportation and Dubai Appeal Court upheld the verdict on Tuesday.