A dhow on the Dubai creek [Illustrative purposes only] Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/Gulf News


An appeal court on Monday acquitted two sailors who were accused of smuggling and possessing 41 Kg of drugs hidden inside dhow’s fuel tanks in Dubai.

The two Iranian sailors who were sentenced to ten years by Dubai Court of First Instance earlier this year, found innocent by Dubai Court of Appeal.

However, the court upheld the ten years in jail verdict against the third defendant [Shipmaster]

The three Iranian sailors aged between 30 to 38, were charged with possessing and smuggling 41 kg of hashish, opium, heroin, marijuana and 9228 pills of illegal pain killers.

In November last year, Dubai Customs at Deira port suspected the dhow and alerted Dubai police.

A 56-year-old Emirati police officer at the Anti-Narcotic Department in Dubai police, said that they were summoned to inspect the dhow.

“The customs suspected that the dhow was carrying drugs hidden in the fuel tanks. I asked the sailor about the drugs and he confessed that the dhow’s owner in Iran, gave him the dhow and he didn’t check the tanks,” the Emirati police officer testified.

The police found large quantity of different kinds of drugs hidden in the tanks and the suspects planned to sell it in the UAE.

While acquitting the suspects, the Appeal Court said the evidence against them was not sufficient.

The shipmaster will be deported after serving his jail term and was fined Dh50,000.