Dubai: A gang of three Nigerian women and their countryman went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they were accused of luring a man for a massage before stealing his money in an apartment.

The 37-year-old Tunisian man found a massage card on his car in Ras Al Khaimah in April 2019. He called the mobile number and drove to Dubai after the gang sent their location in Jebel Ali via WhatsApp.

“They opened the door and dragged me inside the apartment. A woman brought a big knife and threatened to kill me if I yelled for help. I was afraid,” the victim said in records.

The four Nigerians stole his wallet and credit card before asking him to take off his clothes and recorded him on video using a mobile phone.

“The man threatened to publish the video on Facebook and I begged him not to in order not to lose my job. I gave them the pin code of my credit card and two of them left the apartment to withdraw the cash,” the man added.

The two women withdraw a large sum of money and bought two mobile phones and alcoholic drinks worth Dh7,000.

According to prosecution, the gang stole Dh100,000 from the victim.

After 12 hours of locking the man in the apartment, the gang agreed to let him go, but threatened to cut his ear if he reported the incident to police.

However, he reported the incident to police who set a trap and arrested the 25-year-old Nigerian man and two women. The third woman is still at large.

Police discovered that they had rented the apartment using a fake Kenyan passport.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the gang with forgery, locking the victim, issuing death threats, robbery and breaching his privacy.

The three defendants admitted to the charge. The next hearing is now scheduled for October 8.