Dubai Court
Dubai Court Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A worker was accused of attempted murder after he assaulted his supervisor with a metal bar when he was sleeping, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Thursday.

The 22-year-old defendant took a medium-sized bar, sneaked through the window of the Indian supervisor’s bedroom and hit him on the head seven times in a bid to kill him.

Court documents stated that the two men had previous work-related disputes that led to the incident in October 2019. The defendant claimed that his supervisor was treating him badly and had insulted his mother.

The 31-year-old victim told the prosecution that he was sleeping when he was hit.

“I woke up and saw the suspect standing in front of me holding a bar of metal. He knocked me down again and I fell unconscious. I woke up next at the hospital and learnt that he intended to kill me,” the Indian victim said in records.

A security guard testified that he heard noises coming from the victim’s apartment at Al Barsha area, and later saw the defendant escaping from the window holding the bar of metal.

Dubai Police responded to the emergency call and an ambulance rushed to the spot and transferred the victim to hospital for treatment.

“We arrested the defendant after three hours in a near-by deserted area. He told me that the victim was abusing him all the time and held him from his ear,” a policeman said in the records.

“The defendant claimed that he couldn’t stand still as the victim insulted his mother. He waited until the victim went to sleep and entered the room from an open window and hit him on the head.”

The policeman said that the defendant sat in the room for five minutes before escaping from the window.

“The assault on the victim’s head with several hits meant he intended to kill him,” he said.

During interrogation, the defendant admitted to physically assaulting the victim with a bar of metal.

Prosecution charged the defendant with attempted murder.

The defendant is under police custody.