Dubai: A worker who tossed his liquor-soaked T-shirt at a policeman and kicked him in the stomach, won his appeal and had his six-month prison sentence reduced to three months.

The 26-year-old Bangladeshi was drunk and had been creating a nuisance in Dubai Media City, when he was taken into custody in March 2018.

A policeman was questioning him at the police station when the accused removed his liquor-soaked T-shirt and threw it at the official.

When the policeman walked towards him, the defendant punched him in the face and kicked him in the stomach.

The policeman instantly called his colleagues for assistance and the accused was restrained and handcuffed.

In May, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Bangladeshi defendant of assaulting a policeman while under the influence of liquor and jailed him six months.

The defendant appealed his primary punishment before the Appeal Court and sought to have his prison sentence reduced.

Citing grounds of leniency, presiding judge Saeed Salem Bin Sarm accepted the defendant’s appeal and slashed his punishment to three months.

The convict will be deported.

The defendant argued in court that he did not remember what happened or what he had done because he was drunk.

The policeman testified that the incident happened after the defendant had been apprehended for acting rowdily in public.

“When I brought him into the investigation room, he sat at the other side of the desk. Then he removed his T-shirt and threw it on me … it was soaked with liquor. When I came towards his chair, he punched me and kicked me. Then my partners came in and helped me restrain him,” he said.

The Bangladeshi was quoted admitting to prosecutors that he consumed liquor.

The appellate ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court.