Dubai: Four men were jailed for 10 years each for ambushing a Dutch businessman in his residential parking lot and stealing $5.8 million (Dh21.3 million) from him before absconding in a stolen Jaguar.

The Dubai Court of first Instance convicted the defendants, three Russians and an Uzbek, of arming themselves with knives then attacking the businessman and stealing four money bags.

Presiding Judge Al Saeed Mohammad Barghout said the defendants will be deported following the completion of their jail terms.

The Russians, 28-year-old M.M. and 30-year-old B.C., and the 30-year-old Uzbek, R.I., confessed to their robbery charges but denied when they defended themselves in court that they had been armed with knives.

"Yes we stole the money but we did not carry any weapon," M.M. maintained in court.

The fourth defendant, 38-year-old Russian, J.B., denied his involvement in the heist.


Prosecutors said the four accused formed a gang, armed themselves with knives and attacked the businessman and his friend, also Dutch, in the parking lot of the building. They took the money and fled in a Jaguar car which they stole for that purpose.

Senior Chief Prosecutor Sami Al Shamsi, Head of Bur Dubai Prosecution, asked the court to implement toughest punishment applicable against the defendants.

Prosecutors said the defendants attacked the businessmen, 45-year-old M.R.O. and 26-year-old R.B., with sharp tools and their hands before they stole the four money bags.

Pronouncing Tuesday's judgment, Presiding Judge Barghout said: "The court officially records that the claimant waived his civil lawsuit against the four accused."

M.M. and B.C. were charged with stealing the Jaguar, which belonged to an Australian, and used it to carry out the heist.

J.B. and R.I. were accused of aiding and abetting the car theft. R.I. admitted aiding and abetting the Jaguar theft but the rest of the suspects pleaded not guilty.

Prosecution records said the defendants drove immediately behind one of M.R.O.'s neighbours into the parking lot of the furnished apartment's building where he lived. The defendants attacked M.R.O. and R.B. as soon as they showed up.


They stabbed them with knives and beat them with their arms and legs before they took away the money bags and escaped in the Jaguar.

The bags also contained M.R.O.'s passport and laptop.

Dubai Police's forensic doctors confirmed that the victims sustained injuries.

M.R.O. testified that he flew into Dubai for business and he withdrew the money from two different money exchange houses.

The primary judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.