Dubai Courts
The man facade of the Dubai Courts Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archive

Dubai: A policeman has gone on trial accused of threatening a man with his pistol after he saw him sat in a coffee shop with his sister, a Dubai court heard on Thursday.

The 27-year-old Yemeni officer from Dubai Police was patrolling in the Al Muraqabbat area of Dubai when he saw his sister sat with the victim.

He asked his sister to leave and then pulled his pistol from the holster, cocked it and pointed it to the ground, while threatening to shoot the victim.

According to the victim, the incident happened in October of this year at around 6.30pm in evening when the pair met to discuss a business issue. “He was wearing his police uniform and asked me not to speak with her again,” said the victim. “I asked him to discuss the matter outside the café when he pulled his pistol and pointed it to the ground asking me to leave her or he would shoot me, then he left,” said the victim, who is a citizen of the Comoros Islands.

He discovered later that the defendant was the brother of the woman he was sat with inside the café.

The victim said that he used to work with the woman for 10 years in a bank and that he met her once six months before the incident to discuss business as she was willing to work in the food supply sector.

“I didn’t report the incident for three days until the defendant called me and threatened me again, so I reported the incident to police,” the victim added.

An Emirati captain in Dubai Police said that the defendant admitted to threatening the victim after police arrested him.

“He claimed that he was patrolling near the café when he saw his sister’s car and later saw her sitting with the victim.

“He said that he pulled his pistol and threatened to shoot him. He didn’t point the gun directly to the victim but pointed it to the ground.

“He said that he wanted the victim to leave his sister alone,” added the police captain.

The defendant was charged with issuing threats.

The trial has been adjourned until December 26.