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Dubai: Dubai Police arrested three Asians involved in armed robberies in two money exchanges in Sharjah, said a top Dubai Police official.

Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Deputy Director of Dubai Police, said in a press statement that the seriousness of the crime, involving weapons, demanded a swift investigation.

The first armed robbery took place in early January while the second one happened about a month later, said Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the general department of criminal investigation of Dubai Police, while stressing the role of the Dubai Police investigative team in cracking the case, which posed "a security threat since it involved using weapons”.

The armed robberies were committed by three Asian infiltrators from a neighbouring country. No one was injured in the two robberies or during the arrests. The infiltrators have a criminal record and were deported more than once, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Humaid Al Merri, Director of the criminal investigation division of Dubai Police, told Gulf News.

"The masked gunmen did not use their smuggled guns on the public … It was used as a threatening tool. They only fired on the ceiling as they approached the stores and on the surveillance cameras,"said Lt Col Al Merri.

Three investigative teams worked on the case:  a team monitoring and carrying undercover operations in different areas, a team gathering information and investigating, and a team checking on the entry points of the suspects.

The three infiltrators were arrested on Monday in an apartment in Dubai following a tipoff from a source, said Lt Col Al Merri.

The suspects also robbed a car and a motor bike to carry out their crimes.

"Once again we urge the public not to leave their engines and cars on while they are away from the vehicle. Even for short periods, owners of vehicles are putting their belongings in big risks,"he said.

Officials did not specify the amount stolen from the exchange stores but it is believed to be millions worth of dirhams.

"Dubai Police immediately worked on the case as soon as it happened. Crimes involving weapons are a serious matter for us,"he said while adding that the suspects are still being investigated as they might be involved in other minor robberies.

Once the investigations are completed the case will be referred to Sharjah Police, he said.