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A deliveryman was sentenced to six months in jail by the Dubai Court of First Instance for molesting a 12-year-old girl while she was in a lift.

The Pakistani defendant, 35, was charged with touching the girl’s breast.

According to official records, in June of this year, the girl went to a building in Al Rafa to study mathematics with an Indian tutor.

She went to her building to bring some papers she had forgotten, but when she came back, her face was pale.

“She went to her family’s building which is nearby to bring some papers. She returned back shaking and crying and told me that someone followed her to the lift and touched her breasts,” said the 34-year-old Indian tutor in records.

She took her downstairs and the girl pointed to the defendant who was still in the building. She yelled at him and he said nothing while the girl kept crying.

A 26-year-old Pakistani security guard testified that the defendant was carrying a package to deliver to an apartment on the fifth floor.

“The victim told us that he sexually abused her. I saw him following her to the lift through the surveillance cameras,” said the guard.

According to Dubai Public Prosecution, cameras showed the defendant following the girl to the lift and he claimed that he was asking her about the location of the delivery apartment despite knowing where exactly it was.

The court ordered to deport the defendant after he had served his jail term.