insult fine
UAE Public Prosecution says that a person who insults other over phone or in person may face six month jail sentence and Dh5,000 fine. Image Credit: Twitter/Public Prosecution

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Public Prosecution has clarified the penalties for crimes of libel or insult over the telephone, in person or through a letter under the UAE Federal Penal Code.

In a video clip on its social media accounts, the Public Prosecution said: ”According to Article 374 of the Federal Penal Code, a person shall be subject to a jail sentence for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding Dh5,000 in case the libel or insult takes place over the telephone or facing the victim in the presence of others. The penalty shall be a fine not exceeding Dh5,000 if the libel or insult takes place facing the victim without the presence of a third party or in a letter dispatched to him by any means whatsoever.”

The Federal Public Prosecution said the publication of the video post underlines its keenness to promote the legal culture among members of the community and raise their awareness of related laws in order to reduce violations resulting from ignorance of laws, Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported.

Similar charges will be imposed if a public servant or a person in charge of a public service is insulted while performing duties.