Man arrested
Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: Police here arrested a young Asian man who posted a video encouraging people to ignore the government's stay-at-home initiative amidst coronavirus outbreak.

According to Dubai police, the man called upon the public to go our for a smoke or barbecue and "enjoy the rainy weather".

Police described his behaviour as irresponsible.

In a video circulated on social media, the man was seen driving his car and asking people to leave their houses and enjoy the weather.

"Go out to Jumeirah and get Karak," the man said in the video.

Dubai police said that they won't stand still with such behaviour and will take strict actions against those who violate local and federal laws or orders issued by authorities.

Earlier this week, Dubai police arrested a European woman who posted a video mocking the UAE's stay-at-home initiative and safety instructions.

Police said the woman of Arab origin was referred to the cyber-crime department of UAE Federal Prosecution.

Serious offence

Police warned anyone who encourages or calls upon people to break the country's laws or disobey authorities will be subject to imprisonment and or a fine of between Dh200,000 and a Dh1 million.

Dubai Police has asked the public to report anyone who doesn’t follow instructions to stay home through the e-crime reporting platform.