Dubai: Two Asian men were arrested in connection with a 17.5 kilogram heroin bust in a warehouse in Al Quoz late last month by the Anti-Narcotics Department at Dubai Police.

The two men are part of an international network of drug traffickers in Asia, a Dubai Police official said.

Abdul Jaleel Mahdi Al Asmawi, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department at Dubai Police, said that this drug bust is linked to the 24 kilogram heroin bust in March. He explained that the way the drugs were hidden and the tools used were the same.

The heroin was hidden in four wooden boxes, and a fifth box contained 12 wooden frames decorated with a pattern of brown hearts which, after inspection, were found to be made of heroin. There was also some heroin hidden in a carton and in the legs of two wooden tables stored there, Al Asmawi said.

The 17.5 kilograms were estimated to be worth Dh1.25 million.

Al Asmawi said that the department received information that two Asian men, A.K.S., 24, a warehouse worker at a transportation company and M.J.A., 24, a driver for the same company, were in possession of a large amount of heroin in Al Quoz industrial area.

A team from the department waited at the warehouse and when A.K.S. went in to oversee the boxes being loaded into a truck, he was arrested. M.J.A. was arrested the same day in Al Rifaa area.

A.K.S. confessed to being in contact with one of the members of the gang in Pakistan and said he took instructions from him regarding transporting and trafficking the substance to people in the UAE.

M.J.A. confessed that the heroin confiscated belonged to him and that he brought it into the country from Pakistan by collaborating with someone there.

A.K.S. was charged with possession with the intention of trafficking and M.J.A. was charged with smuggling and possession with the intention of trafficking.