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Street infront International Financial Center. Dubai. Photo: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News Image Credit:

Dubai: Restrictions on movement have been eased during the day but strict rules are in place during the night from 10pm to 6am. Only people with medical emergencies are allowed to leave homes. Here are the sectors exempt from these restrictions.

Exempt sectors

• Shopping malls

• Retail shops

• Open Souqs

• Pharmacies

• Financial services

• Restaurants and cafes (Shisha and buffets will not be served)

• Food services

• Delivery services

• Social welfare services

• Maintenance and repair services

• Laundry services

• Nail and hair salons (Only through pre-booked appointments)

• Healthcare services (Hospitals and clinics)

• Food Supply outlets

• Industrial supply chain for services and basic commodities

• Manufacturers of medicines and providers of healthcare and medical supplies

• Industrial sectors

• Water and electricity sector, petrol and gas stations and district cooling services

• Telecommunications

• Media

• Airports, airlines, ports, shipping

• Customs duty and border crossings

• Public and private security services

• Municipality services and public and private service providers involved in garbage collection, sewage management and general cleaning and sanitation

• Public Transport (taxis, buses and metro)

• Construction sector

• Hotels

• Offices