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DUBAI: Okay, so when will we see the end of coronavirus? Well, your guess is as good as ours. But wait a minute, what was it that astrologers had told us after the pandemic struck? And what are they saying now?

Two months ago, when Gulf News spoke to a few Dubai-based astrologers to seek their star predictions, most of them had said things would begin to look up in May – with the path for this phase beginning to get paved in end-March itself.

But are things going as predicted?

Hindu priest and astrologer Upendra Shastri said: “My earlier prediction stated that things will take a positive turn from May and I stand by it. I had predicted that with Jupiter coming to Capricorn from March 30 until June 30, the world will see the pandemic situation easing. Look at China where it all started – life is crawling back to normalcy. The city of Wuhan where the deadly virus broke out first has not reported any new cases.”

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What about the UAE?

“In the UAE specifically,” he said, “things are easing as well. The movement restrictions are being lifted slowly as the UAE government is seeing positive changes. The country has done so well in terms of curbing the situation. The only reason you are seeing new cases is because more people are being tested. And there too, if you see the ratio of people being tested and those turning positive, it is low. The death rate is minimal. There will be a positive turn going forward. I had said this before and I say it again. The financial impact of the virus outbreak has been multi-fold. But things are easing.”

Fellow Hindu priest and astrologer Acharya Umesh had also predicted that things would improve from May onwards, specifically from today (May 20).

“Historically, Rahu has been responsible for creating all the havoc that comes with a pandemic. Thankfully, on May 20, Rahu will move away from its constellation and things should ease a bit,” he said.

Rahu, along with Ketu, are the invisible planets that denote the points of intersection of the paths of the sun and moon.

Time for 'spiritual liberation'

According to Acharya Umesh, “On April 22, Rahu went into retrograde and moved into a new constellation. Today (May 20), it moves back into its straight path towards Mrigashira constellation. (Mrigasira is the initiator of Martian energy, represented by a bright star and three other stars in the constellation Orion.) It was previously in Ardra or Betelgeuse (Gemini) which is connected with pandemics. The Mrigashira constellation promotes spiritual liberation. This will be a good time to make a wish as it has the power of fulfilling it. Needless to say, everyone is praying for coronavirus to end. And it will soon.”

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Acharya Umesh said, “Rahu will stay in this constellation until February 13, 2021, in the true node system. It will use the energy for the quest of spiritual freedom from the recent shackles of house arrest and will promote movement toward meditation and other spiritual forces. The spread of any type of virus is due to Rahu. With Rahu moving to a favourable spot, things will come under control.”

Refrain from negativity

Acharya Sandeep Bhargava, another astrologer and life coach based in Dubai, had said the world would begin to be at peace again from May 11.

Well, has this peace been realised yet? The answer: The process has well begun and the world is getting there.

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He said the turmoil around us was due to the transitions of Saturn (on September 18 last year and January 24 this year) and Jupiter on November 5.

“These transitions collectively explain the upheaval around us. Also Mars was placed in its own house Scorpio which governs physical and mental health. All these together spell calamities, whether natural or man-made,” he reiterated.

He said, “People should refrain from the negativity around them and focus on the positive effects brought out by PAC – the planetary placement, aspect and conjuction. They can look forward to a positive time period in October (approximately) due to the direct position of Saturn and Jupiter.”

The life coach said, “People should start working on their inner self, introspect, connect with their gut feeling and embrace the future. This is not the time to focus on the past, but a time for rediscovery. If you have lost your job for instance, don’t dwell on the past; make peace with your situation and yourself and give expression to your hidden talents; similarly, don’t complain about having to sit at home, the seeming adversity can give rise to golden opportunities.”

He said, “This pandemic is not the first – and will not be the last. It’s how we deal with the situation that makes all the difference.”