Under the patronage of Lt. General H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of Baniyas Club, Go Gamers is pleased to announce the United Active Engaged - Egames Series, a nationwide initiative packed with stay-at-home competitions for the whole family, from video game tournaments to fitness challenges and social media contests that will foster a sense of community as residents remain in lockdown due to COVID19 over the next few weeks.

This unprecedented pandemic has hurt families and businesses around the world, putting a great strain on parents, students and professionals who have all been called to cancel or alter plans.

Go Gamers understands the challenges faced by a country on lockdown and supports the initiative’s mission to encourage UAE residents to keep fit, stay positive and find creative ways to connect with the community during this stressful time.

The United Active Engaged - Egames Series will see people of all ages across the UAE upload pictures and videos of themselves and their families competing to win daily challenges that promote family bonding and inspire residents to exercise while staying indoors.

Players of mobile and video games will now also be able to compete in tournaments for free on the GoGamers platform, where they can battle against friends to be crowned UAE Gaming Ambassador for a year.

Finally, the initiative will encourage all residents to share their #LockedDownSpiritUpUAE stories on social media to spread some cheer.

“This is a brilliant initiative from the UAE government. They’re basically saying, ‘thank you for being a good citizen and staying indoors, but remember this is the UAE, so we’re going to make staying indoors as much fun as it can be!’,” said Allen Gantt, Founder and CEO of Go Gamers. “We at Go Gamers were uniquely positioned with a scalable, online gaming platform that is designed to handle the 9.68 million residents of the UAE and we were very happy to work with Baniyas on this initiative and do our part in a tough time.”

The United Active Engaged Egames Series is also supported by Esports World Academy.

“Over the past few weeks, it’s been a challenge to find a way to run my firm from my living room without letting work spill into my family time. United Active Engaged is a beautiful way to celebrate the spirit of the UAE because it reminds us all to put away our emails and get the whole family together to do something fun every single day,” said EWA Founder and CEO Priya Pinto.

Go Gamers is excited to contribute to this innovative initiative and spread the love of gaming far and wide. Stay in, game on!