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AD LPG, one of the most trusted LPG gas service providers in Dubai, focuses on the prompt and safe delivery of cooking gas. It also provides efficient gas installation, maintenance and support services.

Cooking gas has seen a significant demand as an essential fuel in the past few decades. Ever since, the LPG cylinder market has been expanding immensely, making way to embrace new tech solutions and futuristic advancements.

With the expected increase in the number of households opting for LPG cylinders, the ease with which one can purchase the fuel has become the talk of the town. AD LPG has introduced a transformative way to secure your cylinder bookings while ensuring on-time, seamless delivery. In 2018, the company launched an intuitive and user-friendly AD LPG gas-ordering application, which has been quite successful and popular in Dubai.

The app is engineered and managed by a US-based company and provides a powerful platform for quicker order placements, cylinder tracking, and contactless payments.

AD LPG caters to all kinds of cylinder needs of its customers. Being active in the industry for more than 30 years, it is known for its quick delivery, affordable rates and excellent customer service. The company deals with the supply of 11kg, 22kg, 44kg and barbecue domestic gas bottles. Its services are always in demand in the Meadows, Liwan, Dubai Land, the Springs, Emirates Hills, Arabian Ranches, Bur Dubai, Karama, Ghusais and other key communities of Dubai. Having a satisfied customer base of 50,000 users spread across Dubai, it has been instrumental in blending technology with the traditional fashion of gas delivery.

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Online booking of cooking gas is easy and simple through the AD LPG app.

The application offers a simple 3-click ordering system, where it effectively stores your previous orders and lets you repeat them instantly. This eliminates your effort of filling in the details and product information every time you place an order. Furthermore, there is a super useful feature of auto-recognition of customers in the call centre - this comes in handy if a customer prefers to place an order the traditional way.

The launch of the AD LPG app has transformed the online gas booking experience for tech-savvy users. Doesn’t matter if you want to book an LPG cylinder for your home or order restaurant cooking gas, here’s how the app will make your life easier:

Online order placement

The AD LPG app is efficient and user-friendly. With an integrated order-placing system for cylinders, you can book a cylinder anytime using the app, WhatsApp (056 766 3444) or the traditional way of direct calls (04 333 2260).

Track your cylinder

The tracking feature allows you to track the location of your order. This end-to-end visibility eliminates paperwork, as well as prevents the possible loss of a stolen cylinder.

Making payments

Contactless payments are the need of the hour. With the AD LPG app, you can use Apple Pay and online payments to pay for your LPG cylinder. N-Genius Payment Solutions allows quick online payment. It will be fast, safe, and more efficient than the traditional payment methods. However, if you like to keep it simple, you can opt to pay using cash as well.

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Changing the dynamics all at once, the company’s app allows you to have the fastest gas booking now at your fingertips. It places orders to your nearest delivery truck based on their locations while you get to enjoy hassle-free and quick deliveries. For an enhanced experience, you also get real-time delivery notifications to keep a better track of your cylinders.

Seamless experience

With the advancements in technology, there has been a striking inclination towards more accessible payment modes among people. The soaring popularity of payment gateways has highlighted convenience with their contactless payment modes. Keeping up with the trend, AD LPG allows bookings to be made via web, call, WhatsApp or mobile app. One can also choose to make the respective payment through Apple Pay, offering convenience to a large user base. The AD LPG app is the first gas booking app to launch Apple Pay in the UAE.

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AD LPG also simplifies installation and maintenance along with cylinder delivery service. Some of the most striking features are as follows:

20X7 delivery assistance

Cooking gas is an essential service. To provide instant delivery of LPG cylinders, AD LPG offers 20X7 delivery assistance, until 2am in the morning. So you can be rest assured that your urgent LPG requirements in Dubai will be well covered.

Benefits to first-timers

AD LPG offers lucrative offers to first-time customer bookings and serves them with the most seamless experience.

Earn through referrals

Offering an additional way to earn, AD LPG provides a referral bonus to customers when they refer a friend.

AD LPG is one of the first companies to be approved by Dubai Supreme Council of Energy.

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Furthermore, company Chairman Mohammed Haneefa Thaha and Managing Director Haneefa Abdul Manaf have been granted the prestigious Golden Visa from the UAE government. This significant achievement is a telltale that the AD LPG is going to become an even more dominant name in the UAE LPG industry.

The AD LPG application is available on both the Play Store and App Store to help everyone leverage their services. With a high customer rating, the app is becoming the first choice of many Dubai users to get cylinders delivered to their doorstep. To know more, visit

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