A new smart application will allow vehicle recovery trucks in Sharjah to reach broken down vehicles in 15 minutes for as little as Dh150, it was announced on Wednesday.

The app that will ensure swifter communication between Sharjah Police and vehicle recovery trucks is part of a new roadside assistance service in Sharjah launched in conjunction with Rafid Automotive Solutions, a subsidiary of Sharjah Asset Management — the investment arm of Sharjah Government — and Sharjah Police. A fleet of 10 tow trucks will be introduced to provide better quality roadside assistance with standardised rates and response times. As well as vehicle recovery the trucks will also tow vehicles that have been impounded for Sharjah Police.

The app will allow Rafid employees to upload images of the vehicle they are impounding. A text message will then be sent to the owner’s phone informing them of their violation and providing them with a seizure number.

A later phase of the project involves adding 400 trucks (from other companies) to the programme by September 2019 to cover all areas of the emirate.

Other phases including a unified network of recovery vehicles by June 2020 and an annual subscription for Sharjah residents so that they can avail of recovery throughout the year. Subscription however is still in the proposal stages and must be approved by the executive council.

How to request the service

Contact Rafid on 80072343

Response time: 15 minutes

Fee: Dh150