Ajman: The Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Ajman Police has launched a campaign targeting safety of pedestrians.

Major Rashid Humaid Khalifa Bin Hindi, head of detective and traffic control at Ajman Police, said the awareness campaign titled, “Pedestrian safety is everyone’s responsibility” would focus on the causes of run-over accidents and to enhance the safety of pedestrians on the roads as part of the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Interior.

The monthlong drive comes in a bid to curb the number of run-over accidents caused by reckless motorbike riders and vehicles.

It includes educating the public about road safety instructions, safe crossing and imposing fines on offenders. “All these measures will help reduce run-over accidents and increase awareness among road users,” Major Bin Hindi said.

He urged road users to adhere to traffic rules for better and safer crossing.

Ajman police in cooperation with Ajman educational zone delivered lectures in Ajman schools about following traffic rules to avoid run-over accidents.

Major Bin Hindi said the main cause of run-over accidents is crossing roads from undesignated area and ignorance of basic rules of road usage.

As many as 70 run-over accidents recorded in Ajman till the end of September this year.

Major Bin Hindi said fine for crossing the road from an undesignated area is Dh400.