LuLu Exchange
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Since the start of the pandemic, equitable access to financial services has come to be considered among the necessities of life. The uninterrupted flow of money governs our daily lives, and for an expat living away from their families, sending money home is both important and an expression of financial freedom.

Thanks to digital payment solutions such as LuLu Money, today’s expats have access to instant and affordable cross-border money transfer services, without having to visit in-person to conduct a transaction.

Such technology enabled payment solutions that are seamless and convenient, help bridge families and economies, and ultimately offer freedom through financial inclusion. These solutions make us feel free and special in unique ways, especially with the promise that our hard-earned money will reach our loved ones in a safe and trustworthy environment. As a household name in the UAE, LuLu Exchange has always empathised with the emotions of the Pakistani diaspora in the country.

We have dedicatedly strengthened the UAE-Pakistan payments corridor in recent times through collaborations and partnerships to make the transaction experience as reliable as possible.

Backed by an award-winning team of dedicated professionals, LuLu Exchange’s extensive network of 83 branches complement its digital solution - the LuLu Money app, in supporting the needs of the Pakistani diaspora, and ultimately contributing to the economic growth of both countries.

Our focus on delivering a great service has also made it possible for us to prioritise consumer needs and achieve near real-time transactions at the best exchange rates, while keeping transaction costs affordable and low.

The UAE has over the years, welcomed people from Pakistan to set their home here, who on their part have played a crucial role in the economic growth of the UAE. The country has founded several key initiates to help address the payment needs of all Pakistanis working in the UAE, and as a responsible financial services provider, we are proud to have leveraged the full potential of these initiatives such as WPS, to contribute towards achieving the vision of financial inclusion and last-mile remittance.

On the special occasion of Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day, we at LuLu Exchange convey our warmest wishes to the people of Pakistan across the world and reaffirm our commitment to design the world’s most reliable, seamless, and accessible financial journeys.