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819 bicycles, motorbikes seized by Sharjah Police in one week Image Credit: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: Sharjah Police has confiscated 819 bicycles and motorbikes as part of a campaign to enforce traffic rules, an official said on Sunday.

The campaign was launched in cooperation with Sharjah Municipality and Bee’ah. Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Alay Al Naqbi, director of the Traffic and Patrol Department at Sharjah Police, said the crackdown on cyclists and bikers was part of an ongoing traffic campaign to reduce accidents caused by them.

During the first week of the campaign police seized 394 motorcycles and 425 bicycles.

Sharjah Police will first focus on industrial areas, especially during peak morning hours.

“The campaign aims to stop bikers from riding without a licence, modifying bike engines and disturbing residents. It also aims to stop cyclists from riding in the opposite direction of oncoming traffic and in prohibited areas such as highways,” said Lieutenant Colonel Al Naqbi.

Cyclists and bikers who disregard basic traffic safety laws will see their bicycles and motorbikes permanently confiscated, officials have warned.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Naqbi said the crackdown will also focus on bikers and cyclists not wearing helmets or fluorescent safety jackets at night, to enable motorists to see them clearly and avoid collisions.

“The move comes after many campaigns have been launched by Sharjah Police in this connection. Now it’s time for implementation,” he said.

Police have dispatched a pick-up truck which will patrol Sharjah streets and look out for erring motorcyclists and cyclists.