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Image Credit: Screenshot from video/ Twitter

What you need to know:

  • The contents of the beverage cart fell on the passengers, causing chaos on board. 
  • Intense flight turbulence leaves 10 injured.

Dubai: Does flight turbulence make you nervous? A passenger on board a flight from Pristina, Kosovo, to Basel, Switzerland took a video of in-flight turbulence so intense that it sent an air stewardess crashing into the roof of the plane.

According to the US-based broadcast channel Fox News, the turbulence on the ALK Airlines, a Bulgaria chartered plane, on Sunday evening resulted in chaos on board. Ten people were reportedly injured.

The 35-second clip taken by passenger Mirjeta Basha shows a male and female passenger seated, while an air hostess is standing in the aisle, pushing a food cart. Sudden turbulence sends the air hostess flying to the roof of the plane, while the contents of the beverage cart rained down on passengers. The female passenger is seen folding her hands seemingly in prayer.

The video went viral on social media and was shared multiple times.

According to a report by a UK-based tabloid The Sun, people were scalded by hot water and coffee. The aircraft experienced turbulence, half an hour after take-off.

The report quoted Basha, who said: “I thought we all had to die. My husband has scalded his neck.”

Another passenger suffered head injury, after hitting her head on the ceiling.

Press officer Vivienne Gaskell, of EuroAirport in Basel, said that the aircraft was “shaken relentlessly for ten tortuous minutes”.

People had minor injuries and were taken to a hospital.

Online reactions

The video was shared online and people were “horrified”.

YouTube user Elvir #LM10 posted: “A friend of mine was on this flight. This happened on Sunday evening in a flight from Pristina (Kosovo) to Basel (Switzerland). Even the seats broke and the seat belts tore. Many people had to go to hospital and some of them got burns from the hot water that was poured out from the trolley.”

Tweep @quidditch424 said: “How do y’all cope [when] the plane hits turbulence?”

@Harrisonyt tweeted: “My absolute worst nightmare. Severe turbulence throws flight attendant and beverage cart into the plane ceiling. Hope everyone was okay!”

And @Zoelondondj tweeted: “Do you ever get nervous flying? Or are you used to it now? I always seem to get super nervous no matter what .... I would cry if this happened.”

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