Marshall Mutsamwira is the sales director o- Media and Hospitality, Lime Green Entertainment in Dubai. He lists his top ten must-see places.

Cape Town, South Africa Table Mountain and the combination of South African braai [barbequed] meat, fresh seafood, papa and cold fruit juice are some of the things that make this place worth a visit.

Cebu City, Philippines Apart from visiting friends, I would like to watch a Sinulog festival, visit the historical sites of the city like The Basilica del Santo Nino and try some Cebuano dishes like escabeche, tinola and pinakbet.

Nassau, Bahamas Relaxing on the beach or reclining in a hammock with a good book. Need I say more?

Madrid, Spain I want to visit so that I can see all the great architecture – preferably in the summer months. I'd like to learn Spanish while I'm there too!

New York City, USA I want to be on Times Square on New Year's Eve for the fireworks and to prove to myself that all those lights are for real and don't just sparkle for the TV cameras.

Beijing, China I'd like to visit the Great Wall of China and walk along it.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
One word: carnival!

Cairo, Egypt History, history, history! The pyramids, the Great Sphinx and Cleopatra…

Amsterdam, Netherlands Known as "The Venice of the North" because of its canals, I would love to drift down them in a small boat, dine at the coffee shops and visit all the major tourist spots.

Mitaka, Japan Japanese people are friendly and their unique fashion makes me want to know more about them. I wouldn't mind visiting the Studio Ghibli Museum. Growing up,
I used to love anime films and I'd like to visit this quirky monument to the Japanese art form.

As told to Ruqya Khan