Workmen remove debris at the hospital in Mozdok, on the border with Chechnya, which was destroyed by an explosion. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

A vehicle exploded outside a Russian military hospital near Chechnya, destroying the building, killing at least 39 people and injuring 70 others. The four-storey red brick building was completely destroyed in the blast in Mozdok in the North Ossetia region. There were 115 people inside the building, including medical workers and patients. The building collapsed like a house of cards. He said that a fire broke out, but firefighters managed to put it out in less than two hours. Alina Totykova, deputy head of the North Ossetian hospital in Vladikavkaz, said all available ambulances were sent to Mozdok.

Other important events

1774 - English minister and scientist Joseph Priestley discovers oxygen.

1793 - France becomes the first country to adopt the metric system of weights and measures.

1831 - The new London Bridge is opened by King William IV.

1894 - Japan and China declare war on each other over dominance in Korea.

1914 - Germany and Russia declare war against each other during First World War.

1936 - Adolph Hitler opens the 11th Olympic Games in Berlin.

1950 - Guam becomes an unincorporated territory of US.

1960 - Islamabad is declared the federal capital of Pakistan.

1999 - New Maqta Bridge opens in Abu Dhabi.

2005 - King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia dies.

2008 - Emirates’ Airbus A380 takes off on its first commercial flight to New York.

2013 - Lana Nussaibah is sworn in as the UAE’s first woman delegate to the United Nations.