Rajesh Ganesan, President at ManageEngine

ManageEngine today has grown to be one of the leading tech companies in the world in the last two decades. Could you please give us an insight into the future of work in Digital enterprise?

Work as we know has always evolved through the ages – Repetition has been changed into automation and now automation is transforming by ways of digitalisation. With remote work becoming prominent post pandemic, organisations have expanded globally without being confined into the conventional boundaries of work in an office. The pandemic has not only accelerated digital transformation but has also enabled capability transformation for enterprises worldwide. This also raises expectations to do more complex and creative work with dedicated workplaces now transforming into mobile and digital workplaces.

More and more businesses are tapping into making use of digital tools that would enable them to transform into digital businesses. Therefore, IT is in a unique position to influence businesses and enterprises like never before.

ManageEngine helps enterprises by being a unified, end-to-end operations management platform for digital enterprises that provides a consistent experience across digital mediums, enabling mobility without compromising on security and by enhancing productivity by removing barriers to work.

As a successful business spread across the globe, what are the required leadership skills to flourish and grow?

There are some fundamental traits required of any leader, be it having a vision, determining the purpose & objectives, communicating them clearly to the team, leading from the front and inspiring people, to operate steadily with clarity, to have empathy and to be there for your team.

For a business aspiring to grow across the world, they should make sure the leadership can make a positive impact on the people across geographies, languages and cultures which can be a tricky challenge; all the while retaining the core values and model of the business across the world. One way to achieve this is by grooming the leadership in the base country and have them move out to regions across the world, where they can nurture and build the team locally.

This helps the business stay close to the customers and serve them well without any language and cultural barriers. The leadership carrying the DNA of the business helps in the regional teams operating with the same values and tradition with which it should aspire to operate globally.

What are the primary market drivers for your business? How has UAE market contributed to the success of ManageEngine?

As all businesses require to be digital businesses even to stay relevant in this day and age, they invest a lot in modern technology. That is the starting point after which many challenges follow – like making sure there is good ROI in technology, if it is delivering enough to meet the stated business objectives, if it is making a significant difference to the experience of the workforce and the customers, meeting various regulatory mandates, to build resilience inherently to the business, detecting and thwarting cyber-attacks and business risks.

Businesses typically have the CIO's organisation who is responsible to address all these challenges, for whom these are the primary drivers to start looking for additional technology that can enable them to do more. This is where ManageEngine comes in, by delivering tools and technology end-to-end, to help the CIO's organisations take on those challenges.

The UAE has always been an early adopter of technology while also being a hub for large global businesses. ManageEngine is in its 21st year of existence and the UAE has been a strategic market for 18 years now, growing steadily while also helping us evolve by driving requirements. This has immensely helped ManageEngine to deliver solutions matching the modern, global demand. Despite its relatively smaller size, it stays in the top 10 strategic markets for ManageEngine and continues to grow