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Superhero fighting game Injustice banned in the UAE and Kuwait

A change in the game's tagline insufficient to avoid causing offence

Image Credit: Courtesy Red Entertainment.
A packshot of the UAE edition of videogame Injustice

Warner Brothers’ new DC-based superhero fighting game Injustice has been banned in the UAE and Kuwait, though it continues to be available in the rest of the region.

A spokeswoman for distributors Red Entertainment said the UAE’s National Media Council (NMC) had not given a reason for the ban so far. The firm was waiting for the NMC’s decision before sending the game to retailers, she said, so no copies had reached shop shelves.

Initial attempts to contact the NMC for their reasons were unsuccessful.

It’s possible the game’s international tagline was considered in breach of the UAE’s  Islamic values.

Although promotional material for the UAE release rebranded the game from “Injustice: Gods Among Us” to “Injustice: The Mighty Among Us”, certain in-game references to the original tagline proved impossible to remove, the Red spokeswoman said.

The game had a massive stand at the Middle East Film and Comic Con last month, where the regional finals of an international tournament for the game were also held.

Pre-launch promotions were also in full force.

“Earlier, they [the NMC] didn’t say anything, so we went ahead with it,” the Red spokeswoman said.