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Kirsty Gallacher: A guy's girl

What's not to like about Kirsty Gallacher? Sexy, smart and a keen lover of sport, the Scottish TV presenter is in Abu Dhabi this month to co-host the Chequered Flag Ball ahead of the F1 Grand Prix

Kirsty Gallacher
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Kirsty Gallacher will be in the capital this month for the Chequered Flag Ball, part of the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix.

Intelligent, attractive, successful and sport-loving - you tick almost every box on a man's ‘perfect woman' list. Always been the case?

Ha ha, I thought it was just us girls who had boxes that need to be ticked. I'm not really the best person to ask about that, although I think the fact that I went to an all-girls school put paid to any ambitions young boys may or may not have had with me. To be honest, I was so in to sport as a young girl that nothing else really mattered.

Oh, so it was never a case of rebelling against sport considering you were basically born into it?

No. Dad [golfer, Bernard Gallacher] never pushed me into anything but I've always loved sport. I'm really competitive and I love to win so I found sport was such a good way to channel my competitive spirit. It's funny though, my sister is a product of the same environment as me but she hates sport.

Did you ever think you'd go into professional sport?

I wanted to… really badly. I loved tennis growing up and I was pretty good too. The problem was that my school didn't really encourage the girls to take sport seriously. It was just a method of keeping fit rather than something we should take seriously. It's a real shame because I think there's a sportswoman inside me who was begging to be taken seriously.

Sport and football especially was a very male-dominated environment. How did you find it initially as a sports presenter?

It was never an issue for me. I'm very comfortable in male environments. Like I said, I'm competitive and very determined. I was always focused on what I wanted to achieve. I was the first girl on Sky Sports News, and you could say I started a precedent but I think the girls working in sports broadcasting not just in the UK but all over the world are there very much on merit. Us girls know our sport too, you know.

So seeing as you're going to be here for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, how is your F1 knowledge? Do you know your KERS from your Differential?

I know enough about it, thank you. But I can see what you're trying to do and no I don't know my KERS from my differential but who does? I'll leave all the technicalities of the sport to the professionals, I just love watching the cars in action. It's without doubt one of the best spectacles in sport.

We hear that you're coming to Dubai? The last time we remember seeing you in the UAE you were on the beach in Dubai for a shoot wearing very little. What brings you back to these shores?

Yes, oh don't remind me. I'm a mum now so the thought of prancing around in front of cameras in a bikini is not quite the same as it was. I love Dubai, but this time I'm in Abu Dhabi for the F1. I'll be hosting the Chequered Flag Ball.

Who will you be cheering for?

I'm less team-orientated and more person-orientated, so Jenson Button will be the guy getting my support on race day. Not just because he's a great guy but also because of his F1 journey. He encountered a lot of disappointment and struggle before winning the championship in 2009, and I really respect that. It shows a lot of character and I admire that.

The form

1. If I wasn't doing this i would be A fashion journalist for Vogue.

2. The person who's had the most influence on my life My parents. I had a wonderful upbringing and they still give very valuable advice. I hope my children grow up to say the same about me and my husband.

3. A fictional character that's after my own heart Pass.

4. A word or expression that I use a lot Thank you. I always like to show gratitude and appreciation.

5. Stuff that I always travel with A good history book and a fashion magazine.

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