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Spirit of Godolphin burns brightly

Mohammad’s overiding goal to be the best drives the all-conquering stable

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Dubai: Shaikh Mohammad’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence in horse racing is perhaps best measured by the fact that he sacrificed his own identity as a successful horse owner to help forge a global operation whose overriding goal was to become the very best in the world.

Modern-day flat racing is the definitive team sport and Godolphin, which takes its name from one of the original Arabian stallions that came from the East to the West, is a realisation of that evaluation.

Twenty-three years since Shaikh Mohammad created the stable, which is headquartered in Dubai and the UK, Godolphin has evolved into one of the most successful racing operations in the sport, winning more than 250 Group races in four continents and 12 countries worldwide.

It is well documented that Shaikh Mohammad founded Godolphin as an expression of his lifelong passion for horses and horse racing — a passion that was imbibed in him as a youngster when he was enthralled by the power, elegance, speed and grace of horses.

Forty years may seem a long time, since the filly Hatta gave him his first taste of success. But for Shaikh Mohammad, every year since that historic day has resulted in giant steps being taken into 
the future.

Each year has been accompanied by relentless innovation and progress in the dynamic city of Dubai and at Godolphin alike.

Today Team Godolphin spans across four continents, from Dubai to Europe, Australia and America.

A line on its website sums up the spirit that burns in every employee’s heart.

‘Every one of us is dreaming, planning, working — doing everything in our power to discover, nurture and train the perfect horse’, and nothing could put this better than Shaikh Mohammad’s own words of inspiration as he urges everyone to ‘try to achieve the impossible’.