Jose Mourinho will have his task cut out with Tottenham Hotspur. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Sometimes you take a risk.

Manchester United gambled on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. It failed.

Chelsea rolled the dice on Frank Lampard and won.

But for Tottenham Hotspur to plunge into the very unknown and risky territory of Jose Mourinho borders on suicidal.

Andre Villas Boas and Mauricio Pochettino have built a bastion in London. A legacy where Harry Kane et al would leave a imprint for the next generation.

Pochettino took a London bunch of unlikely lads to the Champions League final last season, taking out Manchester City and Ajax on the way. Then he was unceremoniously ditched.

The bosses of the club have got rid of the third best coach in Europe and hired - questionably - the most controversial and volatile man in the business.

Jose Mourinho will strut into the press conference this weekend and he will lord over the media. But he will probably be the ruin of Tottenham in the short term.

This is the same man who failed on his return to Chelsea. This is the same man who put Manchester United back five years.

Spurs are not Chelsea or United. And this hiring will take a lot longer to recover from.

I envisage an exodus. Harry Kane, Son Hyung-min and Dele Alli will thrive in the Premier League, but not in white and not in London. There are very few people who could fit in Liverpool or Manchester City’s sides. But Son and Kane would rather work for a Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola before they acquiesce to someone like Mourinho.

It is such a shame, given the hard work that has gone in - and a new expensive stadium - just to see it all go to waste, with another expensive manager who will not last the course and jump ship as soon as he gets his cheque.

Wembley will be a far cry once the reality of seventh place settles in.