Los Angeles: Zlatan Ibrahimovic lived up to the bravado on Friday, scoring all three goals to power the LA Galaxy to a hard-fought 3-2 victory over MLS rivals Los Angeles Football Club.

The unstoppable 37-year-old showed he’s still capable of astounding feats by dominating the smaller LAFC defence and scoring when it counted the most for his second career MLS hat-trick. “When you play against a rival like that, in a full stadium, I get pumped. I get adrenalin. This is considered to be the biggest game in the league and I show up in the biggest games,” said Ibrahimovic.

Ibrahimovic, who has a flair for the dramatic since the big Swede joined the MLS in 2018, boasted prior to Friday’s game that he is “by far” the best player in the league despite Carlos Vela’s superior stats.

The pre-game hype was about the marquee matchup between Galaxy’s Ibrahimovic and LAFC’s Vela. The duo scored all five goals, but it was the Swede, who delivered in the key moments, scoring in the eighth, 56th and 70th minutes.

The Galaxy depend almost entirely on Ibrahimovic for offence and he thanked them with another hat-trick performance against the top-ranked team in the league.

“I am in play-off mode every day,” said Ibrahimovic.