Shai Hope
West Indies' Shai Hope. Image Credit: ANI

Visakhapatnam: West Indies opener Shai Hope is eager to get on top of the 2019 run-getters’ list in ODIs ahead of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, but first he feels the team needs to win the series as they meet India in the second rubber on Wednesday.

Hope is currently third on the ODI list this year with 1,225 runs behind Kohli (1,292) and Sharma (1,268).

“As a batsman, you want to contribute as much as possible and if it helps the team win, even more satisfying. Hopefully, we can remove them at the top and then get some big runs and get to the top of that list,” Hope said. With the IPL auctions slated in Kolkata on Thursday, Hope was asked if the players in his team will have that in mind while playing the game.

“I am sure it would be, but I am sure that’s secondary. We came here to play a series against India so whatever comes secondary is secondary,” Hope said. “I am sure some of the guys will be looking forward to the auction but we have an India series to play and that’s the main thing right now.”