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January 15, 1993: Iraq agrees to UN planes to its airspace

“Iraq has no objection to UN-chartered planes flying in its airspace.”

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Iraq has agreed to permit UN chartered planes to fly in Iraqi airspace.
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1993 - Iraq has informed the Special Commission of the Security Council in Baghdad and the Commission’s chairman Rolf Ekeus that Iraq has agreed to permit UN chartered planes to fly in Iraqi airspace on January 15, 16, 17 and 18. The spokesman said, “Iraq has no objection to UN-chartered planes flying in its airspace.” The statement read to reporters in Baghdad came less than an hour before the latest deadline set by the US President George Bush said earlier Iraq must grant clearance for UN inspection teams to land by or it would not be in compliance with UN resolutions. At the UN, envoys from the US, Britain, France and Russia warned Iraq to give clearance to UN planes and also to remove police posts from Kuwaiti territory as soon as possible. Iraq’s UN representative said that Baghdad had agreed UN flights could resume although it could not guarantee their safety in the event of another allied military attack.

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