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Khalifa Rashid Al Shaali

Dr Khalifa Rashid Al Shaali is an Emirati writer who specialises in legal affairs.

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Choking the resistance in Palestine

Security coordination between Israeli police and the police under the supervision of Dayton ensured criminalisation of the intifada heroes

Spring is like any other season

Arabs are not concerned about the Arab spring or any other season because all these political differentiations have been wiped out by urgent needs

Our city, the miracle of miracles

Many have used such a phrase to express the prestige of their countries, however it has never been as true as it is in the case of Dubai

Many nations overlooking the Gulf have not worked towards protecting its waters

Time for the old to give way to the new

The explosion of youth anger and determination to change their world were the impetus for the revolutions across the Arab world

Peculiar alliances in Middle East

Between blocs that favour the Syrian regime or are against it, the masses have little genuine support

Punch Line
movie review