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Christopher R. Hill

Christopher R. Hill, former US assistant secretary of state for East Asia, is Dean of the Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, and the author of Outpost.

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Personal ties that bind

Future of US-South Korea relationship depends on political leaders' ability to forge partnerships based on shared values, not merely trade

Nato must prevail in Libya

Countries that took the decision to intervene have to conduct themselves with a sense of renewed vigour

Advice and responsibility

Christopher Hill writes: We need to show patience with the new governments of countries we hope to see evolving towards democracy

Obama's dilemma in Arabia

Accurate analysis of the nature of Arab uprisings is essential to avoid Iraq-like fiascos brought on by knee-jerk military action

Food for thought in North Korea

Christopher Hill writes: South Korea has to decide if a famine-induced collapse of the Kim regime is worth its cost in human life

Punch Line
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